Platform Scales  
Platform Scales

Platform Scales

Features :
In Built rechargeable battery with a battery back-up of 24 hours.
Auto Zero Tracking
5 key - Zero, MR/↑ , M+/→ , Mode/MC, Tare/Enter
Counting Mode
Memory Accumulation & Memory Recall Function
Specifications :
Platter Size
550 mm x 600 mm
450 mm x 400 mm
Weighing Capacity :
100kg x 10g, 150kg x 20g,
75/150kg x 10/20 g
200 kg x 20g, 300kg x 50g,
200/300kg x 20/50g, 500kg x 50g
60kg x 5g, 30/60kg x 5/10g
100kg x 10g, 150kg x 20g,
75/150kg x 10/20 g
Display Digits : 6 Digits (Red LED)
Power Source : AC 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Source : AC 240V, 50/60 Hz  
Power Consumption: Appx. 15W
Battery : Maintenance Free Dry Battery. 6V,4.5Ah
Dimensions (mm) : 550 (W) x 750 (D) x 1000 (H)
420 (W) x 600 (D) x 820 (H)
Product Weight : 9.8 kg
13.5 kg.
Options : RS 232C Interface, kg/ltr. conversion, Set Point, Hi Bright Green LED Displays, Printer Interface, Receipt Printer.
Platform Scales
Platform Scales with heavy duty structure and stainless steel tops are ideal for Industries,
Metal Merchants, Wholesale Grocery Stores, Transporters, Courier Services, Printing Press
Master Platform Scales
Specifications Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Features    
Master Platform Scales
30/60kg 5/10g 400mm X 450mm In Built rechargable battery with a back up of 24 hours.    
30/100kg 5/10g 400mm X 450mm Counting mode
60kg 5g 400mm X 450mm Kilogram to liter conversion for milk weighting    
50/100kg 5/10g 400mm X 450mm Memory accumulation & memory recall function
100/200kg 10/20g 400mm X 450mm  
50/100kg 5/10g 550mm X 600mm  
100/200kg 10/20g 550mm X 600mm  
200/300kg 20/50g 550mm X 600mm  
500kg 50g 550mm X 600mm  
200kg 20g 550mm X 600mm  
300kg 20g 550mm X 600mm  
300kg 50g 550mm X 600mm  
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