Fully electronic Weighbridge  

Price Computing Piece Counting Scales

Features :
99 Storage Memory
Easy to operate with 4 x 4 matrix keyboard
In built rechargeable battery with a battery back-up of 24 hours.
Specifications :
Note : Can also be manufactured as per buyers requirement
Platter Size
235 mm x 300 mm with Stainless steel Top
Weighing Capacity :
5kg x 0.5g, 10kg x 1g, 10/20kg x 1/2g, 15kg x 1g, 20kg x 2g,
30kg x 2g, 20/30kg x 2/5g, 50kg x 5g
Display Digits :
5 - weight (6 Digits Red Led)
  7- Unit Price/ Unit Weight(5 Diaits Red LED)
  9 - Total Price/Total Pieces (5 Digits Red LED)
Power Source :
AC 240V, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:
Appx. 15W
Battery :
Maintenance Free Dry Battery. 6V, 4.5Ah
Dimensions (mm) :
300 (w) x 370 (D) x 150 (H
Product Weight :
7.2 Kg.
Options :
RS 232C Interface, Set Point, Pole Display, Green LED Displays,
Printer Interface, Receipt Printer.
PC Scales available in Platform Type Scales also
Price Computing Piece Counting Scales
3 display PC Scales are compact & portable. These scales are idea for Industries, Hardware Stores, Sweet Mart Shops ete.
Price Computing Piece Counting Scales
Price Computing & Piece Counting Scale(PC Scale)
Specifications Capacity Accuracy Pan Size Features    
30kg 2g 235mm X 300mm 99 Storage memory    
30kg 5g 235mm X 300mm Easy to operate with 4X4 matrix keyboard
50kg 5g 235mm X 300mm In Built rechargable battery with a back up of 24 hours.
20/40kg 2/5g 235mm X 300mm Storage memory of 99 items
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